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Posted on May 5, 2024

Dr. Sue Padernacht, EdD, PCC was guest speaker at the Healthcare Burnout Symposium at UC San Diego Health
The Healthcare Burnout Symposium held on May 2 - 4, 2024

At the Healthcare Burnout Symposium at UC San Diego Health, Dr. Sue Padernacht EdD, PCC, CEO & founder of Ncline Leadership Strategies presented her topic "Negotiate to Self Advocate to Mitigate Physican Burnout" which combined her dissertation research with practical and educational content.

Dr. Sue was honored to join with her esteem colleagues in the discussion and committed education in targeting the systemic and "pebble in th shoes" issues in US healthcare.

About The Healthcare Burnout Symposium held in May 2024 at UC San Diego Health

To Hone in on Specific Solutions to These 13 Challenges

  1. Discover strategic pathways to cultivating a culture of wellness in your organization for lasting success.
  2. Uncover the power of empathy and compassion in boosting engagement, retention, and work satisfaction.
  3. Learn how telehealth can alleviate healthcare workforce strains and improve industry sustainability.
  4. Explore how next-gen technologies drive continuous learning and equip you for the digital healthcare era.
  5. Streamline regulations for reduced administrative burden and happier physicians.
  6. Prescribe culinary medicine as a vital component of well-being.
  7. Harness EHRs for enhanced clinician satisfaction and better outcomes.
  8. Establish the necessary budget and leadership for an office of well-being.
  9. Pinpoint root causes of burnout effectively.
  10. Implement system-level solutions to combat mental health stigma and raise awareness.
  11. Explore challenges and opportunities for C-suite professionals in the healthcare sector.
  12. Track changes in leadership and advocacy to bolster safety and well-being laws for healthcare professionals.
  13. Envision the transformative potential of Generative AI in healthcare's future.

Sue Padernacht at Healthcare Burntout Symposium in San Diego

Sue Padernacht at Healthcare Burntout Symposium in San Diego

Dr. Sue Padernacht EdD, PCC CEO

Dr. Sue Padernacht at Ncline Leadership Strategies

About Dr. Sue Padernacht and Ncline Leadership Strategies
Dr. Sue Padernacht, EdD, PCC is the CEO and Founder of Ncline Leadership Strategies. She brings over 30 years of track record working with executives, teams and organizations. She uses leading-edge change agility and people development tools to drive business results, strengthen leadership capabilities, re-build cultures and teams, and re-engage employees working from home or in the field. In 2020, Dr. Sue launched Ncline's online series, "Tapping Wisdom," featuring thought leaders and executives on their expertise in business management, strategy, and leadership. Read more about Dr. Sue

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