Social Responsiblity

Nonprofit Experience

Dr. Sue Padernacht's expertise is seamlessly applied to many non-profit organizations that benefit from her countless hours of volunteering, facilitating, coaching, mentoring and training. Whether she is building relationships and bridges between religious denominations, facilitating policy making in public safety or providing leadership training for national associations and their board members, she helps empower individuals and teams that create change for the greater good.

Past and present organizations:

  • American Lung Association
    Dr. Sue is has been a member of the Board of Directors of the American Lung Association since 2010. ALA is actively involved in contributing to funding COVID-19 testing and vaccine research, aggregating and publishing public health safety update, advocating for access to care, etc. For the latest updates, visit
    American Lung Association

  • American Cancer Society
  • American Heart Association
  • United Way of Los Angeles: Kellogg Training & Consulting Center (KTC)
  • 2020 Women on Boards, Executive Committee Orange County
  • Pacific Symphony, Orange County
  • Inter-Sem Interfaith Dialogue for Seminarian Students, Los Angeles
  • Trust Talks of Downtown Los Angeles
  • Organization Development Network, Los Angeles