Organization Development

Every facet of organizational functioning is experiencing volatility, uncertainty, confusion, and ambiguity (VUCA) at a vastly accelerated pace. No industry is immune from the challenge to reinvent itself to navigate the multiple needs of customers, employees, management, partners, shareholders, the community, and the media in the "new normal." How do organizations drive organizational and behavioral transformation while continuing to be open for business?

Organization Development consulting develops organizational capability through alignment of strategy, structure, processes, people, rewards, and metrics. As experts in transformational change, talent strategy, and organization culture, we work with leaders to identify the root causes of internal misalignment to take the mystery out of performance headwinds. We then help you scenario build possible futures and operationalize your strategy to align the tangible elements of organizations – goals, structure, processes, and roles - with the intangible elements – culture, people, interests, motivations, and relationships.

We don't report back what you already know, collect our fee, and leave. Instead, we partner with you every step of the way through implementation.


Use surveys and analytics to answer critical questions.

Assessments are the foundation of any organization development initiative. Ncline matches your needs with the tools and surveys that will help you best achieve your goals and answer the questions that are critical to your organization.

We follow the strictest of confidentiality and storage rules and processes to protect your privacy.

We have certifications in the industry's leading organization development tools. We use data from your workforce to customize solutions to your organization's challenges is the only way to drive strategic change, direction, and results. We are not a developer or distributor of any one product, so you can be assured we will only recommend the best for your company's interests, needs, and culture.

Avoid diagnose and adios!

You can use assessments as a process by themselves or as part of any of our Organization Development consulting services, such as for driving strategic direction, change management, and corporate culture and performance management. You will receive a strictly confidential analysis that includes:

Sample List of Organization Development Assessments

(Prefer a customized assessment? We can do that too!)

  • Accelerating Change Implementation Methodology
    • Culture Assessment
    • Change Readiness
    • Climate for Change – Change Stress
    • Project Planning
    • Communication Planning
    • Implementation Planning
  • Cascade Engagement Survey
  • Facilitation of Innovation I5
  • Gallop Engagement Survey
  • Organizational Climate Survey
  • Organizational Emotional Intelligence Benchmark
  • Organizational Transformation Implementation Tools
  • TeamView360

Performance Management

Design processes for constructive discussions and results.

The days of traditional performance management processes are quickly coming to a close. What once were controversial debates have resulted in evidence that these systems have failed to drive performance. While creating stress for managers and employees and taking a countless amount of time and budget to ensure compliance, these outdated approaches are:

  • Adversarial rather than a partnership
  • Past rather than present and future-focused
  • Annual rather than continuous
  • Individual-focused, ignoring collaborative teamwork
  • Evaluative rather than developmental

In this new era of managing remote and essential workforces, Ncline works with leaders to empower and enable dialogue-based performance feedback processes that close the gap between your organization's goals and actual performance results. We collaborate with senior Human Resources teams to align reward systems that motivate and engage employee and management performance.

Imagine performance management processes that provide the tools for managers to conduct performance discussions that:

  • Increase role clarity in these volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times
  • Leverage and boost performance strengths
  • Promote learning and growth
  • Convert performance problems to improvement solutions
  • Build support for resilience, relationships, and results
  • Foster an agile, aligned and purpose-driven culture

Culture and Employee Engagement

Rebuild resiliency, agility, teamwork, enthusiasm.

An organization's culture is like an individual's personality; some thrive and adapt to change with a growth mindset; others are toxic and resist change with a fixed mindset. The majority of people and cultures fall somewhere in-between.

Regardless of whether employees are working outside in the field or inside remotely, everyone's personal and professional lives are in flux. These unprecedented circumstances challenge the resilience, abilities, and beliefs critical to organizational agility, transformation, and performance.

Today's organizations are in the midst of accelerated transformation. Culture will either help or block your organization's ability to anticipate, identify, adapt, and thrive in the face of new opportunities and challenges. Even the best-designed change strategies fail without empowering and enabling employees to adapt to today's unprecedented volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

How do we help leaders help their workplace cultures?

  • Root Causes – we provide a culture gap analysis identifying what's working and not working, with implications and action plans.
  • Leadership Alignment – we get your leaders on the same page to align and envision the culture with your organization's transformation strategy and goals.
  • Implementation – we convert your leaders' vision to action plans that enable and empower leaders and employees to contribute to a culture for the future with renewed skills, knowledge, behaviors, and team processes.

Employee Engagement

Every organization's wish list:

  1. Maximum productivity
  2. Employee resilience
  3. Effective managers
  4. High-quality products and services
  5. Be differentiated in the market

Every employee's wish list:

  1. Job security and stability
  2. Managers who listen
  3. Be part of a winning culture
  4. Meet or exceed goals
  5. Make a meaningful difference

Wish list problem: Different needs, competing priorities!

What is employee engagement?

  • Purpose-driven, committed
  • Self-motivated, discretionary effort
  • High performance levels
  • Strong team connection
  • Intellectual, emotional, social
  • 70% determined by management practices and behaviors

Employee engagement is critical to:

  • Sales
  • Customer experience
  • Quality and productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Absenteeism
  • Profitability

What about your organization?

  • Has engagement gone up or down since the pandemic?
  • Is engagement difficult to gauge in your remote workforce?
  • Are employees afraid to speak up to protect job security?
  • Is your organization ready for the future of work?
  • Have managers adapted to the demands of the remote and essential workforces?

Find out how employees are feeling and thinking with our engagement solutions:

  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Organization development consulting
  • Remote and essential workforce solutions
  • Leadership and management development solutions
  • Employee development solutions

Transformational Change

"Knowing what to do is one thing... doing it is another!
Why? Because culture eats strategy for breakfast!"
(Peter Drucker. Management consultant, educator, author)

Develop readiness, adaptability, alignment to change.

Who isn't involved in transformational change in these turbulent, disruptive times? What organization doesn't need remote work practices, innovation, agility, and resilience from their employees? Which leadership teams are not concerned about digital transformation, performance, quality, efficiency, customer retention, and financial viability?

Rule #1 of change management: If the culture isn't READY, it will block your change efforts, overtly, and behind-the-scenes.

Why? Because change efforts depend on employees shifting their mindsets, learning new skills and knowledge, and developing new behaviors and routines.

How do we help leaders design and implement successful change efforts?

  • We use our expertise, validated processes, and tools from beginning to end.
  • We partner with leaders to ensure sponsorship and commitment.
  • We use validated organization development assessments with diagnostic metrics to identify:
    • Business-outcome targets
    • Culture alignment goals
    • Strengths to leverage
    • Risks to mitigate
    • Progress to evaluate
    • Plans to adjust or reinforce
  • We use a behavioral approach to enable and empower your leaders and employees.
  • We tie organization-wide communication strategies to each change stage.

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