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Leadership & Management Development

C. Ballard, Chief Human Resources Officer at ICM Partners
"I have known and worked with Sue for over 15 years in both a CLO and consultant capacity. Sue is client-focused, creative in her approach and always ensures her programs can support and improve business objectives. Sue is active in critical Learning & Development Boards and Organizations which directly links to her remaining current and creative in her practice. She is curious, passionate and results focused. In addition, instructing and navigating change has been an area where she excels. I highly recommend Sue- she won't disappoint!"

T. Margrave, Naval Facilities Eng. Command, Naval Base, Coronado, San Diego
"Sue is an outstanding speaker, coach and corporate leader. Her rigorous, intelligent yet consistently approachable style make her a favorite among professionals seeking cutting edge "soft skill" enhancement and tool development. Her true gift is teaching average performers how to become high achievers by leveraging self-awareness and emotional intelligence in all aspects of their personal and professional lives."

K. Neeld, Chairman of the Board at the Beall Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, UCI Irvine
"Delphi Display Systems engaged Ncline Leadership Strategies to perform a full Leadership Assessment and Development Plan for the executive management team. Their process of using state-of-the-art online assessment tools, in combination with individual and group interviews, produced a comprehensive set of data and action plans that we will be using as a framework for improving the effectiveness of the leadership team. It has been a pleasure to work with Ncline on this project. We would highly recommend them as a valuable resource for improving the leadership performance in any organization."

Organizational Development

G. Lai, CFA, Lead Portfolio Manager, Affinity Investment Advisors
"Infinitely qualified" is how I would describe Sue. I had the good fortune to work with Sue and could not be more pleased with the interaction. We hired her to facilitate and advise our firm on its strategic direction. Sue has the impressive ability to take complex and sensitive issues and create a path for resolution tied to positive and constructive goals. Her integrity and professionalism were only matched by her diligence and commitment to deliver results. Our team loved her, and our future is bright, as is Sue's, and any team that chooses to work with her. I highly recommend Sue for your leadership needs."

M. Jensen, Chief Operating Officer, Cumming Corporation
"Sue has been instrumental in helping solidify and ground our senior management team during a critical reorganization and period of explosive growth and helped us focus on what truly matters."

T. Lim, Senior Director, Center for Engagement, Service and the Public Good, Cal State LA
"Our organization was created quickly by merging two different units under one umbrella with little warning. When I made the decision to move ahead with team building and strategic planning, I could think of no one else that I wanted to facilitate our retreat. She is a total professional, thoughtful, observant, and incredibly skilled. She offers sage advice and expertise, while at the same time being intuitive and insightful. Our retreat was brilliant facilitated by Sue Padernacht and I would highly recommend her."


B. Humes, Executive Vice President at 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
"Sue developed a custom Negotiation training program and led a very successful implementation of the entire North American 20th Century Fox Sales Organization. Sue and her team did a great job of researching our category, interviewing participants and tailoring the program so that it was applicable to all the levels of experience that make up the sales organization. The training consisted of theory (aided by group discussion) and role playing that included real world customer situations that the sales organization is currently challenged with. Our salespeople were provided with on the spot feedback as well as planning and negotiations techniques that are being used post training to help improve customer relations and improve results. Most importantly what was learned in the training has continued to be successfully implemented by the sales team and instrumental in helping us to achieve our business objectives."

G. Leveson-Gower, CEO, Woodfinn, Inc.
"After the success of the negotiation seminar provided by Sue to specific members of my team, two executive decisions were made: to become a world-class negotiation organization and have Sue to help us achieve such objective. If your company is facing challenging times, you need the help of high performance consultants that will not just do the job, but will become engaged with your plans, that will blend with your management and will help you see the facts that are in front of your eyes. Sue is much more than this type of consultant."


P. Kilcarr, Ph.D. Director, Center for Personal Development, Georgetown University
"Sue, I wanted to send a note of gratitude for the time and expertise you offered all of us attending the training. It was hands down the most useful and applicable tool I have seen in terms of working with both the clinical and non-clinical world. You gracefully fielded what were seemingly difficult questions with absolute ease. You are a class act all the way and offer many personal treasures to those attending your workshops, trainings or certifications. I do hope we cross paths again. My deepest thanks."

M. Rose, Vice President, Revenue & Marketing Strategy, Tribune Publishing
"Sue was a valuable partner in executing our go-to-market sales strategy. We collaborated on transforming our sales training into a program that emphasized skills and application. We also partnered on a first-ever company-wide training summit that brought key members of the sales team together. Sue (and her team) learned our strategy and underlying rationale, and then put together a summit program that was effective in getting the team quickly ramped-up -- while also ensuring a great experience for the team. Sue brought all levels of value to the table, including strategy, planning, details, and even facilitating some of the sessions."

K. Carter, Director of Guest Services, California Science Center
"What made Sue's training exceptional was her willingness to investigate, interview and explore our institution beforehand. She was very sensitive to the pre-existing conditions and challenges that were uniquely ours. This valuable information was then woven into a customized training and linked up to widely embraced concepts such as behavior theories, communication philosophies and popular customer service acronyms. The training was definitely not a standardized academic approach to service. Role-play exercises and studies of guest service scenarios were drawn directly from our institution's experiences. The concepts introduced took a supporting role to the individual, their emotional response and their motivations. It was an "attitude" focused seminar, placing the origin and responsibility for great service on the individual staff person and moreover displaying that they held in their own hands the keys to greater enjoyment of the people they served, their job and ultimately, their life. We definitely have seen positive results in morale and individual accountability with our staff since the training."


D. Cusator, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Nautilus Healthcare Group
"Sue is articulate, engaging, knowledgeable and brings to life the importance of being socially and emotionally aware. She provided unique ways of learning about emotional intelligence and provided incredible feedback for my own personal growth and development."

S. Campero, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Advancement Operations at UC Irvine
"As an executive coach, Sue Padernacht will forever have a positive impact on my approach to leadership. I found her perspectives thoughtful and insightful, and her communication style was balanced with honesty and professionalism. Sue was instrumental in helping me identify my strengths, reducing blind-spots and becoming a more confident leader. I was fortunate enough to have Sue partner with me during a challenging time in our department. She was an amazing coach dealing with leadership challenges, building a high-performing team, and providing a vision to guide and unify my team. Sue is a trusted advisor and I will be forever grateful for the guidance, support and encouragement she provided."

M. Miyamoto, MD MBA, Cardiologist, Mission Heritage Medical Group, St. Joseph Health
"I was fortunate to experience Sue's career coaching talents during a recent "capstone" residential at the end of my executive MBA program. After completing two years of courses and working on acquiring the skills of management, finance and entrepreneurship, a program that encouraged a more inward-looking exploration proved to be enlightening. Guided by her expert advice and experience in applying the data and feedback from multiple leadership assessment instruments, I was able to map out a life and career plan and identify areas to target for improvement. Regardless of whether one is contemplating a career change or simply focusing on advancing within a current career, the introspection that Sue facilitates in her leadership programs is invaluable."

As A Leader

D. Linder, Talent Development Senior Specialist, TD Ameritrade
"Sue lead the T&OD team, and as her direct report - I had the privilege of working closely around an individual who has tremendous integrity, authenticity, and compassion for others. When you have the opportunity to work with Sue, you can be sure everything attached to her name has been produced with confidence and care. Her work delivered customized and timely solutions to the human resources problems facing our organization. We are in different time zones, but she is extremely responsive in her communications. She never shied away from tackling difficult or challenging situations and people, she is patient, approachable, and an excellent problem solver. Whether assisting seasoned managers or inexperienced managers, everyone benefits from her knowledge and insightfulness. When it comes to her direct reports, Sue is focused on managing up and interested in her employee's career goals and desired next steps. It's rare that you come across standout talent like Sue. Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and mentor - but I did when I was able to collaborate with Sue on several projects from leadership development to performance management to compliance training. She creates a warm and welcoming environment whenever she walks in the room - and has a great sense of humor. Work environments, especially in the HR profession, are constantly changing and evolving. Sue's adaptable nature to all challenges is a skill that often takes years to develop among HR professionals, but comes perfectly natural to her. As a manager or leader, Sue earns my sincere recommendation."

J. Akuna, Senior Organization Effectiveness Consultant, Children's Hospital Los Angeles
"Working with Sue at Tribune Publishing was a true privilege. As a manager she was invested in my development personally, and in the whole team's development into a high-performing team. We accomplished many high-impact projects together and she trusted me to take on highly visible, large-scale efforts such as enterprise-wide New Employee Onboarding, Sales Knowledge Assessment and Performance Management. She made sure that credit was given to her team members and she supported us with the resources and thought-partnership needed to get things done well and on time. I look up to Sue as an example of who I might become as I grow in my career. I hope that I am lucky enough to get to work with her again in the future."

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