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Posted on June 20, 2024

Dr. Sue Padernacht honored with the Excellence in Teaching Award 2024 from The Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine.
Ceremony was held on Wednesday, June 19, 2024

In June 2024, the students of Class 2024 of the Executive MBA Program graduated from The Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine. Included in the ceremony was Dr. Sue Padernacht's acceptance of the 2024 Excellence in Teaching Award. This recognition was presented to Dr. Sue along with the students deeply moving and kind words.

Dr. Sue wishes to thank her Teacher Assistant Josh Ling and congratulate him on his 2024 Masters of Innovation and Entrepreneurship graduation. Additionally, Dr. Sue sends a special thank you to Professor Leonard D. Lane (who retired this year) for his mentorship and support as a fellow practitioner scholar and life long learner with a passion for teaching.

Sue Padernacht and Josh Ling

Dr. Sue and Josh Ling

Sue Padernacht and Professor Leonard D. Lane

Dr. Sue and Professor Lane

Sue Padernacht Excellence In Teaching Award 2024

2024 Excellence in Teaching Award presented to Dr. Sue Padernacht

Dr. Sue Padernacht at Ncline Leadership Strategies

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Dr. Sue Padernacht, EdD, PCC is the CEO and Founder of Ncline Leadership Strategies. She brings over 30 years of track record working with executives, teams and organizations. She uses leading-edge change agility and people development tools to drive business results, strengthen leadership capabilities, re-build cultures and teams, and re-engage employees working from home or in the field. In 2020, Dr. Sue launched Ncline's online series, "Tapping Wisdom," featuring thought leaders and executives on their expertise in business management, strategy, and leadership. Read more about Dr. Sue

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